habiter isn't a todo list. it's for things that you'd like to do on a constant basis, like cleaning your room or going on a run.

get habiter by running gem install habiter in a terminal

went for a run today? want to keep going on runs?

just habiter did run

how are you doing on keeping up with your habits? run habiter log

         photo |----------------++-++++-+-++-|(9/28)[9]
           run |------------+-----+--------+-|(3/28)[9]
       journal |+----+----------+--++-----++-|(7/28)[10]
          read |------+----+++--+-++-++-+--+-|(11/28)[52]
practice_music |+-+++-+---++++--+--++-+--+-+-|(15/28)[64]
          draw |+----++-++-+++--+--++-+---++-|(14/28)[21]
    clean_room |+---+++++--+++--+--++-----+--|(13/28)[59]
                511133423126861 8138837242581

habiter is, of course, open source. It's a little thing from the imagination of Tom MacWright