Tom MacWright

Blogs I read

I still write a blog! And I read blogs too: though many other medias have arrived and many already peaked and burned out, blogging is still a unique chance to read the writing of subject matter experts, written in an environment of near-total freedom, and on your own terms, using the RSS reader you like - I use Feedly, with any level of privacy. I’m planning on eventually switching to a desktop RSS reader to free myself from even needing an intermediary. Unlike Twitter and most new networks, the blogs you read are your own business. Whether you liked or didn’t like a blog post, or even whether you read one - there’s no social pressure to give any indication. There’s no gamification, and almost no ‘metrics’ in the modern marketing audience-analysis sense.





You can follow all these as a collection on Feedly or you can download them as an OPML file and load them into any blog reader software. Yep, that’s right - there’s a standard for sharing lists of blog subscriptions, just like there are standards for reading blogs. The early web was good at that kind of thing in a way that the new web isn’t.

October 28, 2017   @tmcw