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Tom MacWright

Old Fashioned A peculiar cocktail recipe browser Observable Helped build a better way to code. 2017-2019 Enigma machine A visual simulator of the encryption machine lon lat lon lat Possibly the authoritative source of coordinate order truisms.space Jenny Holzer’s Truisms series, as iPhone backgrounds Mapbox architecture, team, product direction 2009-2017 Big Presentations for busy messy hackers documentation.js A modern system for JavaScript documentation mapschool A free, simple, and open introduction to the world of maps Teen Mom Bass guitar in Washington, DC-based fuzz pop trio Plants Short illustrated, narrated, scored film Box breathing box A physical box breathing device polite.technology An etiquette guide for software creators and users Simple Statistics Statistics in JavaScript with less greek and great documentation windchime A multisensory typing tool Turf Modular geospatial engine. Led 3.x development minute A keycounter for the quantified self docbox API documentation powered by Markdown Project it yourself A projection toy made to make a complicated thing seem changeable geojson.xyz Fast and convenient access to geographical data simpleopendata Explains open data without jargon or complexity Pueblo Written/recorded music DC Code Activist project freeing the laws of Washington, DC geojson.io An editor for geographical data iD Editor The default editor for OpenStreetMap 2012-2014 debugbrowser.com Helpful instructions for using browser's debugging tools Swem Signal A map that lets you share your location in the library at the College of William & Mary