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Cyclists must travel in the same direction as traffic.

DCMR 18-2201

Cyclists must obey traffic control signals, including stoplights.

DCMR 18-1201

Cyclists may ride between lanes.

DCMR 18-1201

Cyclists are not required to use bike lanes.

Cyclists under 16 must wear a helmet. (VA: under 14)

Code 50-V-16A buy one

Drivers cannot stop, stand, or park in bike lanes.

DCMR 2405 report to @dcdpw

Drivers must only open their door when it is safe for pedestrians. 'Dooring' is the fault of the driver.

DCMR 18-2214 dial 911

Drivers must yield right of way to cyclists.

DCMR 18-1200 dial 911

Cyclists may talk on cell phones while moving.

Code 50-VI-17A

Cyclists cannot ride drunk.

Code 50 VII 22-3.02 call a cab

Cyclists must have a bell.

18-1204 buy one

Cyclists may ride on the sidewalk except between Massachusetts Avenue to the north, Constitution Avenue to the south, 23rd Street NW, to the west and 2nd Street, NE to the east

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